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Grange News
October is Here!

By Dan Gallagher

  OCTOBER 2, 2022 --

Good Afternoon Hillstown Gardeners,

Quick reminder only a couple of days left to get your Hillstown Grange T-Shirts. It would be nice next year at The Ag Fair to see a see of green. Maybe a parade of winners, whiners, winers, diners and gardeners all wearing their shirts of green. Almost like a St. Patrick's Day in September. Here is the link to get your T-shirt:

The Garden Talk will be on Thursday, October 20th via Zoom but quite possibly, Live and In Person at The Hall also. I want to discuss a recent discovery, The Chelation Principle and how it neatly ties the uptake of positive charged plant nutrients along with the benefits of Compost being Horticultural Gold. This is in my mind a huge step forward how it all works in the soil just below our feet. Also making Compost a topic with Don't Let The Leaves Leave along with a discussion on should you have a portion of your backyard under leaves to benefit the beneficial insects. Putting garden beds to bed and the bringing in and the how of returning certain plants back indoors. If there is something you would like to discuss, let me know, give me a little time to research and maybe I can come up with the URLs for some factsheets.  The Garden Talk, usual time, 3rd Thursday, 7:00 pm - until 8:30 pm.

Here is a short video from Lee Valley Tools by Nikki Jabbour who is in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I should check if she is okay. Jack sent me this and thought I should share.

Bringing Annuals in for Winter - Lee Valley Tools

I will be getting out a couple of more emails before the Garden Talk but would like to thank everyone who came to the Pancake Breakfast yesterday morning. The next one will be November 5th, the first Saturday in November, everyone is invited and at $5 per person, it is a culinary conundrum. Every month has a different featured pancakes so I will have to get all the details but you can mark your calendars and invite your family and friends.

See you all soon,


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