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Hillstown Grange presents a Chicken Raising Workshop March 31

By Frank Forrest

  MARCH 10, 2022 --

Hillstown Grange will be hosting a workshop on Raising Chickens on Thursday, March 31, 2022 from 7:00 pm. - 8:30 pm. As many places have their spring sales on baby chickens and ducks, this workshop will discuss the raising and keeping of chickens, how to find out about your local ordinances. You will learn how to determine the amount of space you need along with other basic requirements, common problems you may encounter, while passing on Tips and Tricks for dealing with and preventing predators and diseases.  

The Workshop is open to all and is free. Hillstown Grange Hall is located at 617 Hills Street, East Hartford, CT.  Located in the Hillstown corner of East Hartford, Glastonbury, and Manchester, since 1888.  The Grange is one of the oldest Agricultural groups in the United States. 

Any questions or further information contact Frank Forrest; or Dan Gallagher;

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