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Good news and not so good news ...

By Dan Gallagher

  MARCH 22, 2022 --

Good Afternoon Gardeners,

There is good news and not so good news. The soil blocks I and we made last week at The Hall where made from a bale of peat moss not ProMix Bx, the not so good news. I just realized it today when I was looking for something else in my garage. So all the people that came and made soil blocks keep them moist with bottom watering. The 100% peat moss soil blocks should do okay, that's the good news. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing any perlite or vermiculite when I was screening the bale and now I know why. I forgot all about this bale of peat moss. Just make sure when you pot up after your first set of true leaves that there is some perlite or vermiculite for aeration. I will make some soil blocks from the ProMix Bx and report back on the results. Sorry about that. I now return you to your regular It's Grow Time channel.


-- Dan
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