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July 15th, Garden Talk/Zoom Meeting

By Dan Gallagher

  JULY 7, 2021 --
Good Day Hillstown Grange Gardeners,


This first link was sent in by Lynette. It is to a Superfood Garden Summit July 21-July 24, 2021. It does cover a great deal of topics and I am hoping they cover each topic to some depth.



This next up is something I personally wait all year for. There are a couple of other event but this is a major must attend. It is The CAES Plant Science Day at Lockwood Farm in Hamden on Aug 4, 2021. Gates open at 9:30 am, festivities begin at 10:00 am. Lots to see and lots to do. A couple of 20 minute presentations I want to take in. Here is a link to their program:



This is just kind of cool for those that grill, barbecue, smoke or just like playing with fire. From the USDA:



For those who like saving seed from different plants other than just the vegetables this site is going to knock your socks off. Again Jack sends me off in one direction and I end up somewhere else having fallen down another rabbit hole. Started at Lee Valley Tools and ended up at the US Forest Service. It makes sense because Lee Valley Tools had a US Forest Collecting Seeds of Wild Plants and Shipping Plant Material Pamphlet which I never found and is no longer available at Lee Valley Tool but I did find this treasure trove. Just don't want everyone to think I just jump on my internet surfing board and willy nilly just end up at great sites, oh no, I listen to the birds and the waves.



I will try to get another email out this weekend. What a difference a year makes, from a drought to looking around to see if I have enough wood to build an ark. Just kidding, have you seen the price of lumber, maybe a raft. Maybe 4" or more rain Thursday into Friday.


Enjoy your time in the garden,

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