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Totally Zoom, No Hall

By Dan Gallagher

  JULY 15, 2021 --
Good Morning HG Gardeners,


Tonight's Garden Talk at 7:00 pm. will be done totally on Zoom. So here is the link again and the passcode: grange just in case you need it.


I will try and put together some kind of factsheet about using baker's yeast and yeast extract in the garden and send it out soon.

There is a ton on the research but I am looking for practical application by the backyard, community gardener.

Michelle, sends me the link and just realized some may attend using their smartphones or tablets so I am going to forward the email so those people could dial in. I just realized that this was a possibility. I think some of you don't realize that I can be as dumb as a brick. I can get tunnel vision which makes for good researching but narrows the possibilities when you begin to think of practical application.


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