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Hillstown Grange Garden Talk Newsletter: March 28, 2020

By Dan Gallagher

  MARCH 28, 2020 --

Hi Everybody,

I received this first link in an email yesterday morning and then again from Jack last night, so I took it as a sign many maybe interested. It is from The Square Foot Gardening Foundation and is another give away, this time it is The Third Edition, All New Square Foot Gardening Book along with a garden trowel and some seeds. I think there is much to learn from this gardening method but the real value for me was as a reference as to the spacing of anything I hadn't grown before. But wait Dan, you told us you could find that information on the seed packet and you can if you are growing in rows but buckets are very similar to a square foot. Here is the link and wishing everyone good luck.

link on bottom of post:  Square Foot Gardening Foundation 

The next link is to Penn State Extension and a wealth of information in many different forms, it is on the left side under Education Format Online: I think given the size and variety of informational formats, there should be something there for everyone. Enjoy.

The first person to send in the answer as to the error in the Old Farmer's Almanac tomato article was Ed Sargalski, Jr. Well done. I might have to talk to Frank about getting a small but prestigious trophy for The Hillstown Grange Gardener of The Year. This is the type of award that will get you invited to other gardener's houses and yards, where you will hear, "What's That !". 

To Joan Brown, I apologize, I just realized your name wasn't on the big list and it is nobody's fault but mine. Now I have to go back and double check that I haven't done the same thing to anyone else.

I am wondering how many others have received seeds from the Physalis Improvement Project. I have gotten 8 out of 11 of the Golden Berries to germinate and the babies are doing fine underneath the lights. I am also hoping some Ground Cherries Pineapple from Chas Hart Seed pop up, the packet is from 2016, so maybe a germination prayer is in order. I do have an experiment going with those. Half the seeds I soaked overnight in seaweed extract and the other half sown dry. I did sow the rest of the seeds, tomatillos and ground cherries both Frank's and mine if you were wondering how I got 11 Golden Berry seeds to germinate earlier. Frank had 6 seeds and I had 5 originally but we both had 4 germinate.

Stay healthy and safe,

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