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Hillstown Grange Garden Talk Newsletter: March 8, 2020

By Dan Gallagher

  MARCH 8, 2020 --

Spring is just around the corner and we are all about to get very busy if you aren't already. Don't forget to journal, so if anything funny happens you can write it down and next year you can look back and laugh. Oh, also jot down some vital information so other people think you are a very serious gardener, indeed. The first thing I want to bring to everyone's attention is Thursday, March 5th. The next Garden Talk at The Hillstown Grange. First up at the Garden Talk, I will be explaining the difference between the soil tests. The Experimental Station in Windsor and The UConn Soil Lab. I don't have all the answers but I know where to go to find them and if anyone was wondering the answer was B. 

Next up, Jack Biella promised the ground cherry recipe to a few of you but being the generous fellow that he is, thought why not share it with everyone. Here's the link:

I don't know if anyone else went to the Seed Germination Workshop at Woodland Gardens Nursery but Dale Wagner did and hopefully he will tell share his opinion and important notes. If anyone else went, please share your opinion and anything that you may have learned.

The 6 topics listed for the March 5th, Garden talk are, Care and Maintenance of Gardening Tools including sharpening, The Importance of Soil Temperatures, Heirloom and Open Pollinated VS Hybrid Varieties, Benefits of No-Till Gardening, Soil Testing and Why It is Important, and Seed Germination Test - A couple of ways.

Since it is March 1st, I thought I should include The Tasks of March as listed by UConn Home and Garden Education Center with the following link:

There is a wealth of information here and you might want to make this site a favorite. By the length of the tasks or things to do, I think winter maybe over but don't jump the gun, just walking on very wet ground can cause damage while you are trying to do some good. So weigh the options, do what must be done and that which can be delayed, let it wait for a better, drier day. 

A cautionary warning, just because you see something on You Tube doesn't necessarily make it the right way to do it. Watch several videos by different videographers if it is something you haven't done before or not sure of how to do because that what these people are, videographers and not primarily, experts in what they are try to show you. Can you pick up a tip or trick, yes but understand the subtle differences from one video to another. I saw one gentleman filing into the sharpened edge of his hoe and stated he had to wear gloves while doing this because he had cut himself the last couple of times. I thought the video was hilarious but maybe others who followed, not so much. It seems there are no video police, so stay safe. An easy check, if after doing care, maintenance and sharpening on a garden tool and it doesn't look as good or takes more effort to do the same task as it did before than you probably watched the wrong video.

At the Garden Talk I will give a short demo on how I sharpen my garden trowel. This method also works on hoes and shovels.

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